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How our process works...


You can purchase a 1/4, 1/2 or a whole beef share. Purchasing a beef share gives you the unique opportunity to have your portion cut and wrapped how you'd prefer. 


Once the whole carcass is sold, the butcher will humanely harvest the animal. This is when the butcher will get the hanging weight (carcass minus the head, skin, and innards) The hanging weight is on average 60% of live weight. 

During the dry aging period (typically 21 days) you give your cut and wrap order to the butcher. The cut weight is approx. 30% less than the hanging weight due to water evaporation during aging, saw cuts and removal of bones, ligaments, tendons, and gristle. 

The butcher will contact you when your beef share is finished.  Bon Apetit

The cost of a beef share...

We offer a limited number of beef share animals each year. Once they are all sold, it can be months before one is available again. 

A deposit is required to reserve a beef share. The deposit goes towards the cost of the share. 

We charge $5.25 per pound of hanging weight. This number is provided from the butcher with their certified scales. 


The butcher will charge his fee of $1.25 per pound of hanging weight. 


Example- A 1300 lb steer would yield approximately 780 lbs of 'hanging weight'. The take home yield would be approximately 520-600 lbs of packaged meat. Depending on how many 'bone-in' vs. 'boneless' cuts you request. 


To the producer  780lbs x 5.25= $4,095 

To the butcher     780lbs x $1.25= $975

                 (divided by your portion of the beef)


Total= 1/4 beef = $1,268

            1/2 beef = $2,535

        whole beef= $5,070

* Please keep in mind, each beef will weigh slightly less or more. These numbers are to represent an example. 







These are actual photos of OKE beef

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