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Frequently asked Questions



What makes your beef different than store bought beef?


Our beef offers 100% traceability. You will know where your meat comes from, where it's been, what it's been fed, who's cared for it and how it was cared for. Thus producing a superior beef for your family. 

Grass Finished vs Grain Finished?  


It all comes down to taste. A grass finished beef is allowed to graze or fed hay until the harvest day. A grass finished beef will produce a leaner, darker meat. The fat will be more yellow and have a stronger beef or 'game' flavor.


A grass grown, grain finished beef will be brighter in color and produce more consistent white marbling throughout the meat. The meat tends to be more tender and often has a 'buttery' flavor.

Do you use growth hormones or antibiotics?

We never feed or inject growth hormones, animal bi-products and only under certain circumstances do we use antibiotics. If we need to use antibiotics, that animal is removed from our butcher program. 

Who is your butcher?

We use two different butchers, both located in Corning Calif. When buying a Whole Beef share, you are welcome to use your own butcher. 

Both butchers vacuum seal and individually label each package of meat. 

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