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OKE Cattle Company is a multi-generation farming and ranching family. 


The Otterson family originally settled into the

northern Sacramento Valley in 1893.


Today, Buck and Jenny Otterson along with their 3 boys, farm and ranch in the small community of Maxwell Calif. 

In todays world, sustainability and resource management is paramount for the future of not only our land, but resources alike.  


We own and operate a very selective herd of cattle. Our biosecurity is strict, therefore ensuring healthy and happy cattle. 

Our herd spends the summer on lush green grass in Maxwell and winter in the foothills of Glenn county, offering our cows and calves a very robust life.

Our herd is derived from many years of selective breeding. Each year we carefully choose heifers (young females) to keep and grow into our future mother cows. 


All of our cows are artificially inseminated with the highest quality genetics on the market. These bulls are chosen for quality of beef (marbling), growth, temperament and maternal instinct. 


Currently our herd is 75% Angus and 25% Akaushi & Wagyu breed. 

We breed our Angus mother cows to Wagyu bulls for 50/50 calves. This cross has proven to produce an extremely high quality beef with exceptional health benefits. 

Each year we offer a limited number of beef for private butcher. These animals are owned and raised by us from birth. We only finish the best calves to ensure they produce the best final product.  

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