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The 1/2 Beef


The 1/2 Beef share is great for the family of 4, yielding around 250-325lbs of meat for your freezer. 


The hanging weight is typically between 350-425 lbs

*This is the weight you are charged for*

A typical 1/2 beef share includes:


4 lbs of Filet Mignon/tenderloin 

8- 16 lbs Sirloin steaks

16- 24 lbs Roasts

20 lbs Ribeye or New York steaks

8-16 lbs of Short Ribs

20-40 lbs Steaks

100 lbs Ground Beef or Stew meat

(Ground beef can also be made into sausage,

cured meat, beef sticks and burger patties) 

All of these cuts can be custom cut and wrapped to your specification. 

A deposit of $400 is required to reserve your 1/2 share

Deposits go towards the final price

*General rule is 28lbs of meat uses 1 square foot of freezer space*


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