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The Butcher is Coming Soon

Get your beef reserved NOW!

We will harvest October 10th 2023

OKE Cattle offers a very selective group of beef for butcher each year. 


In todays world, traceability is key. 


Knowing where your food is sourced, where it has been and how it was cared for should never be over looked.


Providing a safe and healthy food source is important to our family and we want to extend it to yours. 

Beef is an important tool for our body to maintaining a healthy immune system. Quality sourced beef is extremely rich in minerals and vitamins such as B12, Iron and Zinc. 


A 6oz portion of lean beef provides more than half the daily recommended amount of Selenium and Zinc. The same 6 oz portion contains almost 100% of the daily B12 recommended intake.

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient, derived from animals, crucial for your            brain and nervous systems.

Zinc a very important mineral important for body growth and maintenance.

Selenium is an essential trace element that serves a variety of functions in your body.


Our cattle are raised on lush green pastures in the summer and wild native grasses during the winter. They are finished on high quality, hormone free almond hulls, beet pulp and essential vitamins. The grass grown & Almond finished offers the utmost flavor without compromising the distinguished health benefits of grass grown beef. Our cattle are never given growth hormones or enhancers. 

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